Singapore's Premier Bonsai Artist:
Mr Boh Twang Keng

Twang Keng was born in Hainan Island, China, and came to Singapore when he was 7 years old. Twang Keng was introduced to the ancient Chinese art of bonsai when he was just 12 years old by his uncle Boh Chit Hee and his elder brother Boh Tong Boo while living in and growing up in a kampong in Siglap.

These two close relatives and mentors were a great influence in his
life. While other kids were having child-like fun, Twang Keng
would be busy helping his uncle and brother securing plants all over Singapore, nurturing them and cultivating them into beautiful bonsais for sale. Little did young Twang Keng know that later on in life, this fascinating hobby of his would turn into a business and he would go on to achieve the reputation of being a dedicated bonsai teacher, a master
craftsman and a creator of excellent bonsais, Twang Keng has now been in this expert job of bonsai cultivation for 30 years and he is still deeply absorbed in his craft and art.

In 1979, Twang Keng studied at the then Nanyang University, Singapore. As a craftsman, his style had now become more and more distinctive and in his own words, is an integration of China/Japan influence and local influence, a Singapore style so to speak. To look at and admire Twang Keng's bonsai artistry is to marvel at how he can create a miniature tree so beautifully sculptured and embodying all the essential elements, ie the container, the roots, the trunk, the branches and the foliage. The amazing balance of lines, form and shape.

In the last 20 years, Twang Keng has seen his list of clients grow. They range from local folks and businessman to expatriates, CEO's of multinational companies, professionals and diplomats. Many have become his friends and Twang Keng's search goes on for new forms of bonsai art expression. He is motivated and challenges himself to do better and better. Twang Keng makes trips to overseas regularly to bonsai centres in Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Many a time he has exhibited his bonsai art in Singapore, ie at The Raffles Hotel (twice), Tanglin Mall, Tanglin Community Centre, Chinese Chamber of Commerce Building etc. articles have been written about him and enthusiasts love
to talk to him. His generosity and kindness shows up. He is unselfish in his advice and truly insightful in his knowledge.

Singaporeans are proud of him.
When at leisure, Twang Keng plays the Chinese harp or Gu-Zhen.

Bonsai Enthusiast
August 28, 2002