Saturday 6 October 2012

Latest Updates of Boh Bonsai on 6th October 2012

There are many advantages of having real bonsais with much liveliness to artificial bonsais.
Live Bonsai:-
1. The bonsai which is without flowers may be placed indoor for a few months, just water it once a day.
2. Live bonsais purify the air for the goodness of its surroundings. 
3. If you believe in geomancy, live bonsais positively enhances the geomancy for the office, house or rooms.
Artificial Bonsai :
1. Mostly made of Plastic, it absorbs layers of dust as time goes by, and it's not possible to wipe the dust off thoroughly. 
2. They do not have lives and thus they are not able to liven up the atmosphere and soothe us.  
Two Options :
1. We have a wide range of sale price S$3000-8000 per Bonsai, rental option is S$600 per month,
2. We can help to change bonsai every month for you, to ensure that there is always beauty around. 
For example, in the attached photo Bonsai, the price is S$15,000, rental option for this bonsai S$960 per month.

Many Banks such as UOB and Hotels which are our customers have Bonsais to provide an air of elegance and they choose the Rental Option.
Some 6 star Hotels such as St Regis choose to purchase the Bonsais from us and we can also provide service and maintenance on a monthly basis at S$500/- for up to 3 bonsais.
There will be a different packages for customers who will like to rent more than 3 bonsais. 


Boh Bonsai Singapore
No. 16 Pasir Ris Farmway 2, Singapore 509316.
Tel:  91528028 / 91884139 / 91887889
Fax:  65427558

Reason for Visiting Us!

1) View large selections of bonsai at nursery including many award winning bonsais;
2) Free care taking consultation on bonsai by 45 years' experience Bonsai Master;
3) Trade in your current bonsai for something new!


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