Sunday 18 August 2013

Boh Bonsai Updates on 19 August 2013



价格  : SGD 1200


臭娘子是南部特有熱帶性植物、落葉樹種。品種取其名是:本身有其特殊的“臭青味” 雖生長快速,骨幹卻易受其環境的乾燥、泠熱、潮濕的影嚮破壞而腐爛!形成天然的白骨化舍利幹而得名!原名為:【臭青仔】現今為追求美其名?故習改為【壽娘子】。



YEARS :  25

PRICE  :  SGD 1200

Premna Obtusifolia is the unique southern tropical plants, deciduous trees.

The bonsai tree has its own special "smelly green flavor" although growing fast, but vulnerable to their environment backbone dry, Ling hot, humid shadow to the destruction of rot! Forming a natural relic dry bones of the name!

Due to fast growth, easy to shape, blade thick texture, rich spirit of winter leaves! Albino branches like snow scene, and then have the bones of their natural relic dry, easy to follow the old phase, the early creation of smelly lady sculpture are also a few potted plants! Competing for the creation of real potted tree circles. Propagation is easy, overproduction! Early instar cheap material is excellent for beginners Authoring Management species.




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