Saturday 5 December 2015

5th December 2015 Boh Bonsai Book Fair by Mr Boh Twang Keng

Dear all Boh Bonsai Supporters/Customers,

It is every single one of you present who had made today's Boh Bonsai very own personal first book fair such a wonderful and sweet one today. Thank you for your wondrous support!

Had received so many congratulatory messages and calls, such that it is impossible for us to answer/reply to everyone in good time. But rest assured, we will do our best.

As three of the supporters put it  so succinctly and wonderfully in Mandarin, may I quote you 

您不言放弃是一种生活的勇气,您不言放弃,也是一种幸福,拥有这种幸福,您才会有奋进的源泉,相信这就是推动您努力不懈完成《趣味盆栽》这本书的 一个原因。"

The second quote

"感谢您让我享受着诗情画意的浓浓艺术氛围, 您的亲切笑容真让人感到很温䁔, 今天精彩温馨的发布会也带给了我们一个非常美好快乐的下午, 再次衷心感谢!"

The third quote


Once again, our deepest appreciation to every single one of you that despite heavy rains & traffic, you made it here for Boh Bonsai book fair on your precious Saturday afternoon. 

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