Sunday 14 August 2011

Tales about Bonsai

The art of miniature tree and rock landscape, also known as Penjing or Bonsai, is popular in many countries of the world.

It is an ancient art that has been part of Chinese culture since the Tang Dynasty (618 -906). Its beauty has been passed on in poems and paintings, usually reserved for the rich and noble. In the 6th Century, the art was introduced to Japan and since then such art, with emphasis on the close relationship between people and nature, has prospered in Japan.

After World War II, American soldiers in Japan, captivated by the beauty of such art, brought the miniature trees to the us. The art has since gained popularity too in America.

The goal of bonsai is to capture trees in their full beauty and grace and to recreate them as bonsai plants that would be as similar as possible to their big relations. In the context of a busy city, bonsai culture offers an exciting
hobby in a reverence for simple forms, a sense of the essential
and attention to the harmony found in nature.

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