Saturday 22 September 2012

Latest Bonsai Recommendation in Singapore

This shows a process whereby an optimal growth of this particular bonsai is doing.
It has new beautiful green leaves sprouting from its branches.
In one month time, it will be filled with luscious leaves.
It belongs to a particular species called Ficus. Its mandarin name is
金钱荣 which symbolises lots of prosperity. By having this bonsai at your place of work or play will bring about lots of prosperity in your life.
In addition for fertilizing the plant, you'll just need to do it every 2 months, with enough sunlight and placed in an outdoor area, put 1 tablespoon of fertiliser to 500ml of water and spread it evenly.
This species had been cultivated for about 18 years and it had originated from Taiwan.
The beauty of this lies in having a very well structured layering.
There is a strong and fully filled root base. Also, the roots have extended out of the bonsai pot and this tells us that it is very healthy and growing very well.
It is a very lasting bonsai in that it can grow beyond a hundred years if you cultivate it well by putting in the right effort and concentration in it. The fulfilment and satisfaction that you'll get is far from the purchasing price of $348. It is a very good investment too as it will definitely appreciate in value as the years go by if it is taken care well.
I'll be here to be part of the process by advising you along the way and when you bring the bonsai back for 'health' and 'beauty' checks,
Good quality fertilisers will be provided free of charge. The bonsai pot is given free to you, it comes with the purchase of this bonsai in gratitude for your willingness to invest in beauty and achieving wellness.

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